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I’m Meleah, a Trauma-Informed Dating & Relationships Coach.

I’m here to help women who have survived toxic & abusive relationships to have safe, loving, & healthy love.

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Toxic & abusive relationships hinder your ability to trust both yourself and others. Learn how to gain that trust back so that you can open up your heart again to people who deserve it.


Step into the most confident version of yourself. The version of you that advocates for your needs, stops people-pleasing & sets boundaries comfortably and confidently.


Healthy relationships start with you. Embody habits, exercises & tools that help you increase the peace you feel in your day-to-day life. Then watch your relationships blossom & grow. 

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A safe space for you and other survivors, dedicated to help you gain back your trust, confidence & wellbeing after surviving a toxic relationship. 


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Listen to Meleah and guests dive into deep conversations that will help you heal, grow & align with the version of yourself who attracts healthy love.


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Read up on how the nervous system, your past & the relationship you have with yourself impacts your ability to connect with others in a healthy way.


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Hello and thanks for being here! I'm beyond excited to have you in this space. I'm Meleah... A therapist intern. A coach. A friend. A sister. A cat-mom. A musician. A survivor

I'm here because I've been where you're at. After surviving an abusive relationship in my early twenties, I had to re-write my life. I went from being a complete shell of myself & getting myself into painful relationships... to feeling more confident, trusting & healthier than ever been before. 

I'm here to show you what's possible in your relationships & to help you step into the version of yourself who attracts and cultivates healthy love.

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"Looking back at myself before this program, and looking at myself now, I feel more empowered than ever. Whether in romantic relationships or in my life in general. I am forever grateful for this chapter in my life."


"After working with Meleah through her Shifting Love program, I’ve been able to develop self trust, release negative self talk, replace fearful patterns with empowered ones, and, above all, tap into self confidence when it comes to dating. Meleah has helped me return to my joy and peace.”


"I have become so much more confident in what I say and what I need to do in moments of conflict or times I'm questioning myself. I am so unbelievably grateful for Meleah and the things she has helped me uncover within myself. Every session with her is so calming and supportive."

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